What Is an Accelerated Nursing Program?

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What is an accelerated nursing program? Specifically, what is an ABSN? An ABSN refers to an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. It allows you to earn a nursing degree in as few as 16 months if you have a prior non-nursing college education, thereby fast-tracking your nursing career.

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If you’re looking for a meaningful career that would allow you to help others in need, nursing could be the right choice for you. As a nurse, you would also enjoy a robust job growth rate (which may mean better job security) and competitive salary potential. Nurses have plenty of opportunities to specialize and climb the ladder through graduate-level education.

You might hesitate to explore becoming a nurse if you’re worried about taking an extended absence from the workforce to return to school. However, earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at Xavier University through our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program builds on your prior education to graduate practice-ready nurses on a much more rapid timeline.

What is an accelerated nursing program, and is it right for you? Let’s find out.

It’s exactly what it sounds like—a pathway for earning a BSN on an accelerated timeline. You won’t need to return to school for another four years to earn a second undergraduate degree. Instead, you’ll have the potential to graduate in as few as 16 months. An accelerated BSN program provides the same high-quality, comprehensive curriculum as a traditional BSN program.

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How Does an Accelerated Nursing Program Work?

Now that you know the general answer to the question, “What is an ABSN program?” it’s time to look at the specifics of how it works. There are several components to the program, as follows.

Online Coursework

The first component is the classes themselves. Xavier accelerated nursing students can complete courses online. This provides greater flexibility, although students must meet instructors’ deadlines and take on-site proctored exams. Our intuitive learning platform allows students to view and interact with the material as much as they need to, and it also enables them to connect with peers and instructors via discussion forums.

Nursing Labs

In addition to the online coursework, ABSN students complete in-person learning activities. These are comprised of nursing skills and simulation labs. In nursing skills labs, you’ll learn essential nursing skills, such as monitoring blood pressure, providing wound care and administering intravenous therapies.

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In the simulation labs, you’ll work through simulated clinical situations with the help of our high-tech medical manikins. These manikins can replicate numerous bodily functions, allowing you to practice your skills and clinical judgment in a zero-risk environment.

Clinical Rotations

The third component of an accelerated nursing program is the clinical rotations, also known as “clinicals.” You’ll be placed in a local healthcare facility, where you’ll have opportunities to interact with patients from all walks of life and with diverse medical needs. You’ll provide direct patient care and fine-tune your clinical judgment (under supervision, of course).

Who Can Apply for an Accelerated Nursing Program?

The eligibility requirements for an ABSN program depend on the school’s policies. When you contact an admission counselor at Xavier, they will review your unofficial transcripts to determine your eligibility for the program. Our admission requirements are as follows:

  • A completed non-nursing bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7 (cumulative)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 on all prerequisites
  • Prerequisites must be completed within eight years of the ABSN start date

What Is an ABSN Degree’s Benefits?

There are multiple pathways an individual could follow to pursue a career in nursing, so why choose an ABSN program? There are many perks to choosing the ABSN pathway, including the benefits below.

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Fast Track Your Career in Nursing

One of the most compelling reasons to choose an ABSN program is that it allows you to fast-track your nursing career. If you have a completed non-nursing bachelor’s degree that meets minimum GPA requirements, you can add a second degree to your resume in as few as 16 months.

Enjoy More Flexibility Than Traditional Learning

Another reason the ABSN pathway may resonate with you is that it offers greater flexibility and convenience compared to a traditional BSN degree. For example, the online coursework can be completed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Of course, you’ll still need to visit the ABSN Learning Center for the in-person learning activities, and you’ll need to visit your assigned healthcare facility to complete clinical rotations. However, the online coursework can provide enough flexibility to make a second degree more doable.

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Apply Credits From Prior Education

If you want to change careers, switching fields away from your bachelor’s degree might seem like a waste. However, with an ABSN program, you can leverage your prior college credits toward your new degree. Best of all, it doesn’t matter which field you initially chose. You might have earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, art history or engineering—no matter your original field, Xavier’s ABSN program makes it easier to switch to nursing.

Why Choose Xavier?

Many ABSN programs exist, so why choose Xavier for your nursing education? What is an accelerated BSN program without the proper support to go along with it? At Xavier, you will find extensive student support resources and everything you need to prepare for a successful nursing career.

Dedicated Instructors

At Xavier, we take pride in hiring only the most dedicated instructors. Ours are experts in their fields and highly committed to supporting the achievements of each of our ABSN students. You’ll complete your coursework online, but you’ll still have plenty of interaction with your instructors via the discussion forums (along with the in-person program components). Plus, you can email, text or call your instructors whenever needed.

Multiple ABSN Locations Available

Another perk of becoming a Xavier student is the ability to choose from multiple ABSN Learning Centers. Ours is the only ABSN program in Ohio to offer three start dates at three enrollment locations. You can pursue your nursing education in Cincinnati, Columbus or Cleveland.

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Clinical Partnerships with Highly Respected Hospitals

Your hands-on learning experiences are a critical part of your nursing education. We’ve partnered with highly respected hospitals near our three enrollment locations so that our students can enjoy access to top clinical placements. If you enroll at our Cleveland location, you’ll do your clinicals at the renowned Cleveland Clinic, which is an excellent choice for nursing students interested in cardiac care.

In Columbus, students complete clinicals at OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. In Cincinnati, Xavier students have access to clinicals at the following:

  • Bon Secours Mercy Health
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • The Christ Hospital Health Network
  • TriHealth
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