Whether you enroll for our ABSN program in Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus, you’ll learn the fundamentals and theories of the profession via online accelerated nursing program coursework.

These online courses set the foundation of your nursing education, allowing you to study key nursing concepts at the location of your choosing. Keep in mind that although this portion is online, instructor deadlines still apply.


While you’ll complete a total of 21 online courses over four semesters, it’s important to note that it is impossible to earn a BSN 100% online. As an ABSN student, you’ll regularly attend hands-on skills labs at the ABSN Learning Center associated with your program of enrollment.

During nursing skills and simulation labs, our clinical instructors will teach you how to put the core concepts you learned online into practice. These labs also help remove the fear of the unknown, making it easier to transition into your clinical rotations at local hospitals and health care facilities.

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Delivered through an intuitive e-learning program, each online accelerated nursing course consists of different learning modules. Within each course module, there are a series of assignments you must complete within a specified timeframe. Module components typically include:

  • Interactive activities
  • Patient case studies
  • Informational videos
  • Discussion boards

Also, through the e-learning platform, you’ll need to prepare for your nursing skills and simulation labs in advance. We provide you with a lab guide and checklist so that you come to your ABSN labs fully prepared.

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And remember, even though you’re completing the core coursework online, you still have access to the same resources as if you were in a traditional classroom setting. Our online professors are highly accessible and passionate about what they do—so call, text, or email them as much as you need to.


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Contact us to learn more about our online accelerated nursing coursework and how it prepares you for nursing practice.

Everyone learns and retains information differently—making online accelerated nursing program coursework beneficial. Because no matter your preferred learning style, our intuitive e-learning platform gives you the means to succeed.

The platform features various forms of media to immerse you in the subject material and solidify your retention of important nursing concepts. You can go back and review content as many times as you want, and everything is organized and easily accessible at your fingertips. Not to mention, you have access to an e-learning specialist who can assist you with technical matters involving the platform.

While online learning has its benefits, it also requires a lot of discipline on your part. It’s easy to get behind when you have the freedom to choose when and where you complete your assignments and lectures. So be sure to stick to a regular study routine to stay on track.

Find out if you’re prepared to tackle Xavier’s accelerated online nursing program by ensuring you meet the eligibility requirements and have completed all the necessary prerequisite coursework.

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ABSN 101 Guide

Download our ABSN 101 Guide to help you successfully navigate the accelerated path to nursing.