Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

Our online accelerated nursing coursework, also known as the didactic portion of the ABSN program, brings a level of convenience to the learning process. Not being tied to a specific classroom schedule or location means you can learn about nursing theory at any time of the day or night.

During the program, you will complete 21 online courses, which range from pathophysiology to research to pediatrics. While the number of online courses per term varies, you should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to your studies daily. These courses set the foundation for the hands-on skills you will develop at our ABSN Learning Center and top hospitals in either Cincinnati or Columbus, depending on your preferred enrollment location.

The Online Learning Experience

Online Learning Environment

Delivered through the Canvas learning management platform, each online course comprises a series of modules. Within each module, you will find a list of activities to complete, along with instructions and links for submitting assignments. There is also a live video conference feature that instructors can use to schedule a time to discuss complex concepts with students.

Online activities include:

  • Reading assignments that set the course foundation.
  • Video content that visually introduces nursing concepts.
  • Web explorations that set the stage for course assignments.
  • Interactive learning objects that reinforce nursing concepts.
  • Discussion forums between instructors and students.
  • Assignments that include worksheets and case studies.
  • Quizzes that are timed and taken off campus.

Through the Canvas platform, you will also be expected to prepare for your nursing skills and simulation labs in advance. You are provided a lab guide and checklist so that you know exactly what is expected of you when you come to our ABSN Learning Center.


Online Learning Benefits

Everyone learns and retains information differently—making online accelerated nursing coursework beneficial. Because no matter your preferred learning style, our online platform gives you the means to succeed. Canvas uses various forms of media, from video to task-based simulations, that immerse you in subject material and reinforce important concepts.

Our interactive learning objects, for example, create a high level of student engagement. For instance, you may encounter a matching activity that requires you to drag and drop an organ into its proper location within the human body. Other learning objects include:

  • Cardiac matching
  • Sugar levels in food
  • Pneumonia case study
  • Food plate activity

While you are required to meet deadlines set forth by your instructors, online coursework lets you learn at your own pace. You can go back and review content as many times as you want, and everything is organized and easily accessible at your fingertips. And, even though you are not on campus, we make it easy for you to connect with faculty. You also have access to an e-Learning specialist who can assist you with any technical matters involving Canvas.

Contact us to learn more about our online accelerated nursing coursework and how it prepares you for nursing practice.

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