Serving as a bridge between online coursework and clinical practice, our nursing simulation labs and nursing skills labs are where our top-notch clinical instructors teach you how to put nursing theory into practice. Featuring the same equipment and supplies you would find in an advanced hospital setting, these labs develop your individual and team-based nursing competencies in a risk-free learning environment. 

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These lab experiences allow you to put your online coursework into application and get an idea for what a typical day as a nurse is really like. Labs are a great low-risk place to try new things, learn from your mistakes and learn by doing.

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Replicating a hospital room environment, our nursing skills lab lets you practice the application of nursing theory across the patient lifespan. Under the guidance of faculty, you and a small group of peers will perform fundamental nursing skills on full-body medical manikins and various clinical task trainers.

Through the lab, you will learn a variety of nursing interventions, including how to:

  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Give intramuscular injections
  • Dress a puncture wound
  • Provide tracheotomy care
  • Insert a nasogastric tube
  • Administer intravenous therapy
  • Setup oxygen delivery

During the 16-month Accelerated BSN program, you can expect to attend labs two and three days a week. You can also use the lab outside of course-related activities to practice and hone your nursing skills.


Getting you as close as possible to real-life clinical situations, our nursing simulation lab takes your nursing competency to the next level by way of a computerized medical manikin. Able to simulate a variety of symptoms, from blood loss to breathing difficulty, the manikin lets you actively engage in patient assessment and treatment. Under faculty control, the manikin can also ask questions and replicate bodily responses to procedures, such as intubation and catheterization.

Because they require you to think on your feet and act on instinct, nursing simulation labs do a great job in preparing you for clinical practice. These experiences can also expose you to high-pressure critical care situations that are not available through clinicals.

We record these simulations so that you and your instructor can debrief on your clinical performance. Simulation debriefings are invaluable because they allow you to learn from and correct your mistakes under the guidance of faculty. As you progress in the ABSN program, the intent will be for you to lead these debriefings, explaining the rationale behind your approach prior to receiving feedback.

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Contact us to learn more about the nursing skills and simulation labs inside our ABSN Learning Center.

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ABSN 101 Guide

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