Clinical rotations play a significant role in your education, and we provide some of the best placements of any nursing school in Ohio. Whether you’re a student in our Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Columbus ABSN program, you can expect to complete your accelerated BSN clinicals in top local health care facilities.

Accelerated nursing clinicals supports a specific learning objective. As the online courses and nursing labs advance, so does the complexity of your clinicals. By and large, clinicals are active learning environments where you get to perform the tasks a nurse would typically do in a given situation.

Accelerated nursing clinicals prepare you for a career as a nurse by putting you in real-world health care situations. Under the guidance of health care professionals, you’ll treat real patients and must react to situations that are mild, urgent and everything in between. This clinical experience prepares you to work with people from all walks of life and gain exposure to a multitude of different practice areas.

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During your accelerated nursing clinicals, which begin the first semester, you and a small group of peers will work alongside experienced nurses to gain a real-world understanding of how nursing theory applies to the care of individuals, families, and communities.

Our diverse clinical placement sites, which include hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient facilities, allow you to gain practical experience in a variety of health care sectors and specialties. You’ll also learn how to interact with and care for patients across the health care continuum. Areas of practice include:

  • Adult health
  • Community health
  • Mental health
  • Obstetrics
  • Pediatrics

During the final weeks of the program, you’ll participate in a role transition experience that allows you to gain concentrated clinical experience working alongside a registered nurse (preceptor). You’ll work the same shifts as this nurse, and as you refine your nursing skills, you’ll start to take an active, if not primary, role in patient care.

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Like most nursing schools, we can’t guarantee placement in a specific facility. We can, however, guarantee your placement in a quality clinical environment that promotes your personal and professional development. After all, all of our health care partners have a reputation for delivering exceptional patient care.

While there’s never a promise of employment, you should go into every accelerated BSN clinical with your best foot forward. Because as a Xavier ABSN student, you’ll be able to network with some of the best health care providers in Ohio—individuals who can serve as a professional reference or future employer.

Contact us to learn more about our accelerated nursing clinicals.

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ABSN 101 Guide

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