ABSN Curriculum

Our ABSN curriculum comprises 63 total credit hours, which you complete over four, full-time semesters. The program features a fast-paced blend of online and onsite instruction that consists of:

  • Online nursing coursework that focuses on the fundamentals and theories of the profession.
  • Nursing simulation labs that provide a contextual setting for developing hands-on clinical skills.
  • Clinical rotations that provide real-world experience in diverse areas of nursing practice.

Our ABSN curriculum follows a logical, highly effective sequence of coursework, labs and clinical practice over four semesters.

Curriculum by Semester

Each term is eight weeks long, with the entire curriculum taught over four semesters.

Semester I

ABSN CourseCredit Hours
100Survey of Professional Nursing2 credits
200Foundations in Nursing Practice I3 credits
201Foundations in Nursing Practice I Practicum2 credits
110Health, Culture and Diversity 3 credits
202Foundations in Nursing Practice II3 credits
203Foundations in Nursing Practice II Practicum2 credits
Total15 credits

Semester II

ABSN CourseCredit Hours
260Pathophysiology I2 credits
270Pharmacology I1 credit
300Nursing Concepts in Mental Health I2 credits
301Nursing Concepts in Mental Health I Practicum1 credits
261Pathophysiology II2 credits
271Pharmacology II1 credit
350Nursing Care of the Adult I2 credits
351Nursing Care of the Adult I Practicum1 credit
302Nursing Concepts in Mental Health II2 credits
303Nursing Concepts in Mental Health II Practicum1 credit
Total15 credits

Semester III

ABSN CourseCredit Hours
352Nursing Care of the Adult II2 credits
353Nursing Care of the Adult II Practicum2 credit
340Obstetric/Women’s Health Nursing2 credits
341Obstetric/Women’s Health Nursing Practicum1 credit
330Nursing Research3 credits
354Nursing Care of the Adult III2 credits
355Nursing Care of the Adult III Practicum2 credit
342Pediatric Nursing2 credits
343Pediatric Nursing Practicum1 credits
Total17 credits

Semester IV

ABSN CourseCredit Hours
480Nursing Care of the Complex Client I2 credits
481Nursing Care of the Complex Client I Practicum2 credits
430Nursing Concepts in Community Health I2 credits
431Nursing Concepts in Community Health I Practicum1 credit
482Nursing Care of the Complex Client II2 credits
483Nursing Care of the Complex Client II Practicum2 credits
432Nursing Concepts in Community Health II2 credits
433Nursing Concepts in Community Health II Practicum1 credit
499Transition to Professional Nursing2 credits
Total16 credits

Total Program Credits – 63
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