Admission Process for Xavier University’s Accelerated BSN Program

Our Accelerated BSN program has one of the most supportive and straightforward admission processes around. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, we can get you started on your nursing education as soon as possible. After all, we have three ABSN program locations in Ohio, with classes starting three times a year at each one.

Admissions Counselors

By choosing our College of Nursing, you’ll work closely with a dedicated admission counselor whose job is to understand your individual situation and answer all your questions throughout the admission process. In fact, you and your admission counselor will become quite close. This individual will connect with you regularly to make sure your application is moving along smoothly.

Admission Checklist

If you’re ready to make the 16-month transition into nursing, here are the four key steps of our ABSN program admission process.

1. Review Your Qualifications

Speak with an admission counselor to confirm your program eligibility. You must have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree.

2. Review Your Transcripts

Have your admission counselor review your transcripts to see if you need to complete any of the four ABSN prerequisites. From there, your counselor will help you create a prerequisite completion plan that targets your preferred start date in the program.

3. Complete Your Prerequisites

Register for and complete the prerequisite courses within the specified grade requirements.

4. Submit Your Application

Apply to our College of Nursing before the submission deadline. We review applications as they come in, so you can expect an admission decision within a few weeks of applying.

Contact us to learn more about our Accelerated BSN program admission process.