Xavier University Accelerated Nursing School Tuition

When it comes to accelerated nursing school tuition, the cost of our 16-month, ABSN program is $880 per credit hour, with 63 credit hours required to complete the program. You should also plan for other program-related fees, including but not limited to administrative fees, test assessments, insurance, supplies and uniforms.

Like any higher education program, a second-degree accelerated BSN program represents an investment, so entry into our ABSN program should not be taken lightly.

Keep in mind, however, that graduating with your BSN from Xavier University provides a high return on your investment. Not only will you be prepared to take the NCLEX-RN, you will have a quality degree from a university that is respected worldwide by prospective employers and fellow nurses.

Tuition Breakdown

Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change at any time without notice, so your estimated total cost may change over the course of the program.

Also note that costs for items such as books, supplies, and professional fees will vary—the numbers provided are estimates to assist you with budgeting.

Tuition OverviewTotal
Per Credit Hour$880$55,440
ATI* access fee per semester$425$1,700
Student activity fee per semester (not charged summer semester)$115$345
Books per semester (estimated)$600$2,400
Supplies and professional fees per semester (estimated/varies**)$115$460
Total (estimated and subject to change without notice)$60,345

*Xavier ABSN students have access to the ATI Nursing Education platform, which offers a wide range of tools to deepen your understanding of the curriculum. Among these are tutorials, e-books, assessments, simulations, and an online test prep service to help you prepare for your licensing exam.

**Includes supplies and items such as your uniform/scrubs, stethoscope, nurse badge, and required professional liability insurance

Other Program Costs

Other program-related costs to consider in your budgeting process include:

  • Tuition for any prerequisite courses you need to take (if taken through Xavier, prerequisite courses are $440 per credit hour)
  • Living expenses while you are in the program

Regarding living expenses, keep in mind that your admissions counselor can assist you as needed with helpful information about relocating to Cincinnati or Columbus or about finding a roommate. Just like tuition and fees, prereq costs and living expenses are subject to change at any time.

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