Are Accelerated Nursing Programs Worth It? 5 Factors to Consider

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Accelerated nursing programs are worth it because they provide an accessible, high-quality, streamlined path toward becoming a nurse. With a BSN, you can start changing lives as a working nurse and have the opportunity to make a comfortable salary, advance your education or pursue a number of different positions.

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When it comes to Xavier University’s 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, you need to have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to apply. And, if you’re like most, the thought of paying for a second bachelor’s degree makes you question: Is an accelerated nursing program worth it? But truth be told, this learning path is worth whatever you think it’s worth, and this post can help you assign value to it. Below we cover five factors to consider whether an accelerated nursing program is worth it for you.

1. You Could Have a Career You’re Passionate About

If nursing has always been your passion, then you owe it to yourself to live your purpose. Think about what you’ve missed out on by not pursuing a nursing career sooner. Instead of sitting behind a desk, you could have been out changing lives for the better, including your own.

By choosing our accelerated nursing program, you definitely won’t waste any time. It’s a rigorous learning path that makes it possible to earn a quality BSN in 16 months.

Plus, our ABSN program can get you started on your nursing education as soon as possible, with two enrollment locations that admit students three times a year.

2. You’ll Reap Many ABSN Benefits

Just like with any major purchase, you need to consider how a BSN will enhance your quality of life in the future. Thinking in future terms helps take the focus away from those short-sighted thoughts that keep many of us stuck in the present. In other words, don’t think of nursing school tuition as a strain on your pocketbook. Think about it as a wise investment in your future.

By choosing nursing as your career, you have the advantage of working in a:

  • High-demand, fast-growing profession
  • Highly diverse vocation full of opportunities
  • Highly trusted occupation
  • High-paying field with solid benefits

3. An ABSN Program Is an Investment in Your Future Career

With our ABSN program, you’re not just investing in a quality education, you’re paying for nursing skills that will put you at the top of your game.

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More specifically, when you invest in our ABSN program, you can expect:

  • Personalized admissions support during the application process.
  • Supportive nursing faculty and staff that want to see you succeed.
  • Online coursework so you can learn nursing theory from anywhere.
  • Advanced nursing labs for developing your clinical skills and judgment.
  • Diverse clinical placements in top health-care facilities.

Once you’ve graduated from our accelerated nursing program, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Sit for the NCLEX-RN exam with confidence.
  • Enter the profession as a practice-ready nurse.
  • Provide competent, compassionate care to diverse patient populations.
  • Work as a valued member of an interprofessional health-care team.
  • Effectively advocate for patients in interdisciplinary situations.

4. You’ll Benefit from a Holistic Approach

We infuse Jesuit values into our ABSN curriculum. These values contribute to a holistic education that not only focuses on your academic mastery and personal growth but also contributes to the greater good of society.

Our holistic approach to nursing education is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation. This means you can take the Holistic Certification Exam after graduating from our ABSN program and passing the NCLEX-RN. Nursing graduates of non-endorsed schools must pass the NCLEX and actively practice as a holistic nurse before they can pursue certification.

If you have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree and the drive to become a nurse, our ABSN program can fast-track your career. Download our ABSN Program 101 Guide to help you successfully navigate the accelerated path to nursing.

Nursing student with manikin with text that reads "Tips for ABSN Students"

Think an ABSN program may be right for you? Here are 8 tips for accelerated nursing students.

5. You’ll Get Personalized Support

Our Office of Student Financial Assistance is committed to helping you identify the best options for financing your Xavier nursing education. Our financial aid advisors are available to assist you with anything and everything associated with applying for and receiving financial aid.

In the meantime, we’ll use this opportunity to give you a brief overview of your financing options.


Given the various low-interest loan options available through the U.S. Department of Education, we encourage you, no matter your income level, to apply for financial aid by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) — it’s the only way to know what type of loan you’re qualified to receive.


Federal financial assistance seldom covers the full tuition and fees of our ABSN program, requiring you to take out a private loan. When researching loans and lenders, it’s important to look at factors such as interest rates, repayment options, and deferment fees.


While Xavier doesn’t offer grants or scholarships for the ABSN program, we encourage you to pursue award-based funding through a third party. Each scholarship follows different criteria, usually reflecting the values and/or purposes of the donor or founder of the award.

Consider the Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP) created by the Ohio General Assembly in 1990 to assist in the state’s nursing shortage. NEALP provides financial assistance to Ohio students enrolled for at least half-time study in an approved Ohio pre-licensure nurse education program. To qualify for loan cancellation, recipients must work full-time as an RN or LPN in the State of Ohio for at least five years after graduation.

Other available scholarships can be found on these websites:

  • American Association of Colleges of Nursing (
  • NURSE Corps Scholarship Program (
  • Fastweb (
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The purpose of living is to be happy and accomplish our goals, and the only way to do so is by following your dreams, values, and beliefs.

Is an accelerated nursing program worth it?

Yes, it is if it gets you to where you want to be in life.

To learn more about the value of a Xavier nursing education, contact our admissions team today. And be sure to ask about our three ABSN program locations — one in Cincinnati, one in Cleveland, and one in Columbus, Ohio.

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ABSN 101 Guide

Download our ABSN 101 Guide to help you successfully navigate the accelerated path to nursing.