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Looking to Change Careers to Nursing? Do it by the Numbers.

At the Xavier School of Nursing, we come across a lot of applicants looking to change careers to nursing because they feel stuck in an occupational rut. If you’ve been contemplating a career change, it’s time to stop thinking and start doing. Not only are nurses in high demand nationwide, they are also viewed as […]

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Stand Out With a Xavier Nursing Degree

If anyone can talk about the value of a Xavier nursing degree, it’s Marie Leist-Smith, PhD. After earning her BSN from our university in 2002, she has gone on to achieve impressive recognition in the field, from being named one of Cincinnati’s Great Leaders Under 40 to receiving the National Quality Improvement Award at the […]

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7 Things You Must Know About Clinical Placements at Xavier

Quality clinical experience is a key element of graduating practice-ready nurses. At Xavier University, we provide some of the best clinical placements of any nursing school in Greater Cincinnati. You will find we have a strong, expansive network of health-care partners that afford our nursing students access to more than 90 patient care locations. As […]

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Nursing Simulation Labs Provide a Dose of Reality

As an ABSN student, nursing simulation labs serve a vital purpose in your clinical skills development. These realistic learning activities challenge you to collaborate, problem-solve and apply clinical reasoning when caring for diverse patient populations. Best of all, there are absolutely no adverse consequences. Simulation Scenarios During our 16-month ABSN program, which spans four semesters, […]

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Top 5 Benefits of Blended Learning in Nursing School

  Blended learning, in the most general sense, is a form of education that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. When it comes to our 16-month ABSN program, well-rounded teaching approach represents an accelerated nursing education that comprises online coursework, hands-on labs, and clinical practice at top hospitals across Greater Cincinnati. In fact, […]

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A Look at NCLEX Preparation for Xavier ABSN Students

Imagine your concern if someone not properly vetted for the nursing profession was responsible for your care. This is why every nursing school graduate must pass the NCLEX-RN® exam to legally practice the profession. Approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing, our ABSN program in Cincinnati provides the curriculum and preparation required to take this […]

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How Hard is it to Join an Accelerated Nursing Program?

Xavier is one of the few nursing schools in Cincinnati to offer a second-degree ABSN program. For that reason, many of the people we talk to are unfamiliar with this type of program. Once they understand it is a fast track into nursing, we are often asked the question: How hard is it to join […]

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Getting Into an Accelerated BSN Program

Getting accepted into nursing school is the first step on a rewarding journey. You’re making a change in your life that will land you in a new career, helping people as a registered nurse. However, some prospective students fear that the process for getting into an Accelerated BSN program is too difficult and worry about […]

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Innovations in Onsite and Online Accelerated BSN Coursework

When you think of online coursework, do you automatically assume the content is less engaging than that of an on-campus course? Instructors and course designers in the nursing field continually look for ways to make online courses feel just as engaging and interactive as onsite courses. Therefore, the instructional designers for Xavier University’s accelerated nursing […]

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How Accelerated Nursing Students Can Make the Most out of Clinical Rotations through Xavier University

It’s one of the most important and nerve-wracking experiences you will have as an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing student– clinical rotations. While it can seem overwhelming, there are many ways for accelerated nursing students at Xavier University to prepare for their first day in the hospital and truly make the most of their […]

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